About us

Heron Advisory is a Singapore based management consulting company providing commercial support and business development services in the maritime and logistics technology space. We work with startups and SMEs on commercialisation of their technological solutions, as well as with established industry players on partnering with startups and technology solution providers to further improve operations and efficiency. We also work with Government agencies, Accelerator programmes and maritime conferences as advisors, mentors and instructors.

The company was founded in Singapore in 2017 with a goal of furthering the adaptation of better, smarter and more efficient technological solutions in the maritime and logistics industries. We are headquartered in Singapore with a regional focus on Asia-Pacific whilst also maintaining a strong connection to Europe, and, in particular, to the Nordic countries. We work with select partners across the globe to provide the best service possible for our clients. 

What’s in a name - The origin of Heron

 The Tysvær County coat of arms

The Tysvær County coat of arms

Herons are a highly mobile family of freshwater and coastal birds. They can be found all over the planet and nearly all species are related to water. The heron is also the official coat of arms of the municipality of Tysvær on the Norwegian west coast, sporting a silver heron on an ocean blue background. Tysvær is the home county of Heron Advisory's founder as well as several large colonies of herons.